American Story

Most of what we read today tells us about our frustrations – the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots, middle class jobs moving to China and India, hate-filled politics that prefers gridlock to compromise.

american story

What we know about America mostly comes from journalists who travel in herds, trailing politicians or camped out at big stories, pouncing on problems to repeat over and over.

“Many Americans spend a lifetime searching for a place where their dreams can flourish. Home is not where they are, but where they want to be.

Those dreams become their guiding light, leading them to places and linking them to people they’d never thought they’d meet.

That restlessness, the longing , has become part of this country’s character and is one big reason why so many American dreams eventually come true.”

— Bob Dotson, American Story, 2013

They offer up celebrity experts for solutions, the people who spend their busy days spouting opinions to cameras, while others in the shadows quietly make America work. Here you will discover people who live the values our country cherishes:

  • The truck driver who taught microsurgery.
  • The fourteen-year-old who invented television.
  • The brothers who searched for sixty years until they found what the Navy could not – their father’s lost submarine.

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