Behind the Story of the American Story and A Secret Experience of Camping Life

Actually there is nothing in the book American Story without few personal experiences. So its not exactly a fiction writing book, its all about experiences, that means all about from original life. Now the question is who’s experience? Mine or others?

Honestly, that is a critical question for me. Why? I will tell you end of this writing. Now I am going to tell you the behind story of the book American Story.

When I was 30, I decided to write a book on my life as I am an American. So I was confident that, I can write the book perfectly on this topic. So start to gather my experiences on notebook day after day. I edited them huge time and that I tried to perfect edit after edit.

American Story by Bob Dotson

What was my experiences? That are:

American Daily Life

As I am an American, I write down everyday life history in my notebook. I found very interesting story from few Americans life. I also added my life’s experiences too.

American Sex Life

Horrible! I can not imagine the life of American Sex time and system. Most of the time an American (both of girls and boys) are seeking a sex partner for fantasizing his/her life. After knowing the issue I seen my own life and found the same history for myself and my friends (both of girlfriend and boyfriend).

Americans Love to Travel

This is really a fantastic system that all of American love to travel and me also. Each American loves to travel twice in a year. They travel in winter and summer season. Most of people love hiking, camping. They love camping in tent. Each year, Americans buy millions tent and they buy from online. So they find tent. My secret is the camping. To choosing the best family tent for the camping from the online they spend huge time. When I did it, I got huge story from the online. And I go out for the camping and got the main theme to writing a book on Americans. Yes, this is the secret to write the book.

Food, Habbit, Hobby and Etc…

And so on there are other experiences of American I added in my book step by step. If you are interested to know about American, and even yourself (as you are an American), you can read my book American Story. This book has ability to gives you huge experiences, knowledge and common sense about on American.


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