Two best Stella Spinning Reel

If you are looking for a spinning reel that keeps you fishing the whole day long without any stress, the Stella FD spinning reel has a balanced body from the tip of the spool to the rear of the reel and along with the magnesium frame that is light in weight, may be a good buy. These 2  Stella item are ideal for freshwater fishing.

Shimano Stella FD Spinning Reel

The Stella FD has 4 models, the STL1000FD, the STL2500FD, the STL3000FD and the STL4000FD. The maximum drag in pounds varies, from 7 lbs of a STL1000FD to 24 lbs of a STL4000FD. These Stella’s are pretty light in weight, with 6.4 oz to 9.8 oz maximum. The STL2500FD and STL3000FD have ball bearings of 22 while the STL1000FD has 7 ball bearings and STL4000FD has 24. The line capacity of the Shimano Stella is reported to be acceptable in the line of spinning reels.

The Stella FD features the new Propulsion and Paladin systems as well as the Aero Wrapp II system. This also features the propriety gear coating on top of the normal Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement that gives more stability. Their handle screws straight into the drive gear and results to a zero play between the handle and the gear. The larger sizes utilize a hollow handle shank, thus making it lighter while keeping up with the ultimately strong and stable properties. 1000 sizes handles are a thinner solid shank.

Casting with a Stella is indeed one of the best, with its titanium lip spool and revised line lay system. This Stella is also know for a smooth and solid retrieve. The drag is accomplished of wool and is known to maintain a smooth even pressure at all settings has the power to resist overheating.

Shimano Stella SW Spinning Reel

Every fisherman knows what a Stella is. It’s like the Rolls Royce for cars and a Patek Philippe for watches. The Shimano Stella is the spinning reel. While the Stella FD is used for freshwater fishing, the Shimano Stella SW spinning reel is used for saltwater fishing. They have six models: STL5000SW, STL8000SW, STL8000SWPG, STL10000SW, STL18000SW, and STL20000SW. Of course they vary from line capacity, up to the weight, gear ratio, maximum drag and ball bearings.

This Stella SW will help you cast the farthest (up to 500 yards) and catch the largest fish. Who knows? Some do catch shark, tarpon and marlin while using this best spinning reel.

The Stella SW casts superb and ultimately smooth to reel in. It does have the strength to reel in very huge and strong fish. It has the drag that would exhaust even the biggest fish before it takes your line or snaps. This is one top of the line spinning reel that you can invest in freshwater fishing.

The Propulsion, Paladin and Aerowrap features are present in this reel. So, all of these features and components are the main goal for manufacturing the Stella SW. In the old days, they only need 3 parts that will make a spinning reel function: the drag, the anti-reverse and the strong gears. All of these parts are present in the Stella SW and are even made to enhance every function. It does quite cost a lot, but for those with the luxury to own this reel will be amazed with its genuine perfection.

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