Dakota Johnson naked, and not for Fifty Shades of Grey

The main mainstream bestseller of recent years, " Fifty Shades of Grey ", written by British writer E.L. James (real name - Erica Mitchell) was born as an Internet fan fiction based on Twilight. Later it was turned into an independent, mystical romantic movie. And in 2011, a small company published it with almost no promotion. This, however, did not prevent FSG from becoming a cult hit, attracting the attention of the publishing business, fans and haters. Young actors, who played Anastasia and Cristian, were put on display at once.

27-year-old actress Dakota Johnson became the next victim of hackers. Her pics, like those of many other stars, have become public. The photos of the nude artist appeared on the resource of Cellbjihad. In the photo, Johnson is posing alone and with friends. Also, you can see Addison Timlin in the pics.

Dakota, although being filmed in an explicit film, did not intend to share her intimate photos. However, hackers did all the work for her and made the nude pics of Dakota and her friends public. At one of the shots, the girls relax by the pool topless, and on the other one, Johnson was captured with the movie actress Addison Timlin at a pretty inopportune moment: one of the girlfriends in the nude shaves the legs of her friends.

In addition, it is necessary to say that there is absolutely nothing shocking in these frank photographs. For example, both girls have very good bodies. And judging by such a pastime of the girls we can draw the conclusion that there is nothing more between than the friendship.

On Tuesday, July 13, photo reporters caught a 26-year-old actress topless during the filming of an explicit scene with Jamie Dornan on the beach in France. The sexual performer of the role of Christian Grey untied the top of her lovely bikini and gave massage to Dakota, surrounded by other seductive ladies sunbathing topless.

It was an interesting fact - the company of this passionate film couple was under the watch of Jamie’s wife - Amelia Warner. However, the British actress, who gave birth to his son in March, did not have any reasons for concern: the spouse behaved as decently as his role allowed. Jamie spends all his free time with her, ignoring Dakota in a sexy yellow micro bikini.

Note that in FSG’s explicit sex scenes, Johnson was replaced by the body double, so for the fans had a unique opportunity to look at the real body of the actress.

Dakota was not the first victim of a hacker attack. Recently, a scandal erupted over pics of Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst, Miley Cyrus and a number of other famous personalities. By the way, hackers spread very "hot" photos of an intimate nature practically in every case.

Some of the stars are trying to fight the hackers. That way, Tiger Woods hired a lawyer and started preparing for the court after the appearance of his personal photo archive on the Web right away.

According to the media, Dakota is also going to sue the hackers. Every pop star site, social media and even online dating sites are raving about this shocking news and are waiting for the continuation of the scandal.