Top 5 hottest Russian girls of Instagram 2021

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Perhaps, you will meet one of the current Instagram models, or “fit chicks” here; these are charming ladies with a beautiful athletic body! By the way, we have picked up the 5 hottest Russian girls of Instagram 2021!

Nastya Ivleeva (@_agentgirl_)

Nastya has come a long way from a manicure master to a celebrity. More than 16.8 million users have subscribed to her Instagram page!

Today she has her show on YouTube, starring in TV series. For some time, she was a TV presenter of the “Eagle and Tails” travel show. Nastya does not hide the fact that she wants to create her own business empire, therefore, at the age of 29, she is actively trying her hand in various creative business areas.

The audience loves Nastya for her sincerity and simplicity. The girl is not afraid to be funny and frank, and in the latest author's projects, she provokes other stars to do so. “TrendHERO” claims that the average number of likes per Ivleeva's post is more than 800 thousand.

Ksenia Borodina (@borodylia)

The permanent “Dom-2” reality show host, Ksenia Borodina gained fame on Instagram, with more than 14.6 million people subscribed to her page. Over the years of her TV career, Ksenia has managed to gain unprecedented popularity!

Today, we can not only follow her on TV screens but on social networks, where Ksyusha shares her successes, achievements, and her personal life shots.

Today, Ksenia hosts several TV projects, writes books, tries herself as an actress, owns a beauty salon business, and shares her successes with subscribers.

Oksana Samoilova (@samoylovaoxana)

This young woman is an independent, interesting personality, businesswoman, model, and the most famous mother of many children on the Russian-speaking Instagram.

More than 12 million users have subscribed to Samoilova's account; they follow her full life, and more recently, the family ups and downs of the couple. For many, Oksana is an example to follow as she sticks to a healthy lifestyle while being a caring mother and a business lady simultaneously.

Today, she manages to find the time to run a beauty blog, where she shares the secrets of perfect makeup.

Regina Todorenko (@reginatodorenko)

The rating of Instagram bloggers with the largest fan audience would be incomplete without Regina!

This energetic girl literally burst onto the screens as a singer, actress, TV presenter, and managed to prove herself as a composer to win the love and recognition of the audience. This allowed Regina to become a real Instagram star!

Her account is followed by more than 8 million subscribers, with whom she shares the highlights of her life and the life of her son, travel photos, and fashionable looks.

Polina Gagarina (@gagara1987)

Polina Gagarina earned Russia second place at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 and has since become the favorite of millions. Also, she won a "Star Factory-2" music TV program and reality show competition and participated in "The Singer", the most popular Asian competition for professionals.

Today, she continues her career as a singer, is a member of the Council of Culture and Art of the Russian Federation, and is one of the jury members of the "Voice" show.

The artist combines her intense activity with blogging on Instagram, where she has already got more than 8 million fans. In her blog, Polina shares her work, touching personal life shots. Also, she interviews famous artists on live broadcasts.